Marconi Wireless Apparatus


Below are some of early Marconi items I have in my collection.  Most of the pieces have additional information available on them, so if you are interested in reading detailed background on any piece simply click on the photo.

Marconi Model 230 10" Spark Coil
c. 1910
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United Wireless Telegraph Co.
Model D Tuner

Marconi 104R Short Wave Tuner
c. 1910
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Marconi 103R Multiple Tuner
c. 1910
Click here for detailed information on the Multiple Tuner


Marconi 101R Magnetic Detector with cover removed
1902 - 1914
Click here for detailed information on the Magnetic Detector

Marconi 101R Magnetic Detector with cover
1902 - 1914

Marconi Model 16 balanced Crystal Receiver

Marconi Flexible Crystal Receiver

Marconi of America
Similar to Model 103, but earlier
c. 191

Marconi of America
107A Tuner

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Marconi Trench Set

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Marconi of America
QMS 1/2 KW Quenched Spark Gap Transmitter
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Marconi 226A Marine Receiver
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Marconi no. 71

Marconi Mark III Receiver

Marconi Portable Decremeter

This instrument was designed to measure the damping of high frequency circuits. It could also be used for plotting tuning curves, measuring wavelength, capacitance and inductance.

Marconi of America
Tuned Buzzer Tester
c. 1910

Marconi of America
Bellini-Tosi Direction Finder

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Marconi of America
Type I Antenna Switch

Marconi Model 106D
c. 1920

Marconi Variable Condenser
c. 1916

Gray Magnetic Key Relay

The relay was used between the Morse key and the spark coil to reduce burning of the contacts on the key during wireless transmission.

Marconi Wireless Keys
c. 1912
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Marconi Earth Arrestor

Marconi Crystal Receiver
ca. 1916


Marconi Wavemeter #2
100-2500 Metres

Marconi Audion Control Box
Using the Marconi VT Electron Relay Manufactured by Moorhead Laboratories


W.T. Code Selector

Model of one of Marconi's earliest experimental transmitters

Marconi MC1 1.5kw Transmitter

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Life-sized Bust of
Guglielmo Marconi

Marconi International Code Book & Dictionary

These amazing books are the bible that was used by Marconi wireless operators worldwide.  They contain over 500 pages of 5-digit codes and their translations.  The Marconi code designed so that any two characters could be transmitted improperly without resulting in confusion with another code word.  To further improve reliability, each phrase of several code words was followed by a checksum - the first use of checksums that I am aware of.
To see inside the book, click here.



Marconi Souvenir Discharger

Made in silver with a marble base, in the form of a Disc Discharger. It is signed Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd and hallmarked London 1912.

These lighters were presented to all male delegates of the 1912 International Radiotelegraphic Conference as souvenirs. During the conference the delegates were given a tour of the recently opened New Street works in Chelmsford, the station at Poldhu and entertained at a garden party hosted by Marconi - The lighter stands 9.5cm (3.75 in) high.

Thanks to the Marconi Archive for the background on this item

Marconi-Victor Wireless Telegraphy Course

Developed as a joint project of the Marconi Institute and the Victor Talking Machine Co., this 6 record set was produced to help deal with the shortage of qualified wireless operators during WWI.


Marconi Variable Condensers
c. 1910

Marconi Galvanometer
c. 1901

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